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Visiting Thermopolis, WY is always the ideal destination for any occasion. With picturesque views and many outdoor activities, it’s easy to find family fun and rugged adventures everywhere.

Located just north of our hotel you will find Hot Springs State Park. Here you can often find bison roaming free, as well as visitors eager to try the naturally flowing hot springs. The Big Horn River offers some of the best fly fishing in the state, if not the country. With guided fishing expeditions and picturesque views, it doesn’t get much better than a day on the river. When you need a vacation destination with teeth, the Wyoming Dinosaur Center is a great trip for any family. Featuring exhibits containing fossils found right here in the state, you can enjoy paleontology that hits home by visiting here. With live demonstrations and additional paid activities, this attraction is a great time for any age visitor.

Hot Springs State Park

While Hot Springs State Park is known for its naturally flowing hot mineral water, it is also home to gorgeous scenery. Whether you’ve come to relax in the guest bathhouse, or you’ve come to try and snap a picture of the wild bison, Hot Springs State Park is an impressive local attraction. This is an ideal place for any nature enthusiast, and best of all, the bathhouse can be enjoyed at no additional fees. Enjoy some of the 8,000 gallons of daily naturally flowing water!

Big Horn River

The Big Horn River has long been celebrated as a fly fisherman’s paradise. The river itself stretches through several states, finally ending up into the Pacific Ocean. Visitors can enjoy catching many different types of fish, including trout and salmon, and is also home to intense white water rafting experiences. The Big Horn River is the ideal destination for more outdoor sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day casting hooks or an intense rugged experience, many visitors love going here.

Wind River Canyon

Enjoy the scenic byway of Wind River Canyon, ending just north of Thermopolis on U.S. Route 20. Visitors can drive through the 40-minute route of natural wonder to discover colorful rock formations and a clear blue reservoir. Spectacular views await along this route and there is an outfitter offering fly fishing along the canyon. This body of water turns into the Big Horn River where even more water sports and activities are available.

Wyoming Dinosaur Center

Dinosaurs have long captured the imagination of children and adults alike, and there’s no better place to enjoy dinosaurs than the Wyoming Dinosaur Center. This non-profit museum has over 30 skeletons, fossils, exhibits, and more for all to enjoy. Wyoming has been a hot spot for discovering dinosaur fossils, and this museum does a wonderful job of showcasing them. The center also has dedicated dig sites, as well as specialty digging programs for additional fees. The museum itself has affordable admission pricing and is a beloved local attraction.

More Attractions


  • Trail's End Cafe 0.05 miles
  • Los Cabos 0.7 miles
  • Bangkok Thai 1.5 miles
  • Black Bear Café 1.5 miles
  • Thermopolis Café 1.5 miles
  • One-Eyed Buffalo Brewing Co. 1.6 miles
  • Taco Johns 1.8 miles
  • Shorty's Saloon 2.1 miles
  • Safari Club 2.4 miles



  • Thermopolis Hardware & Mercantile 0.1 miles
  • White Horse Country Store 0.3 miles
  • Owl Lumber 0.7 miles
  • Family Dollar 1.2 miles
  • Four Winds Trading Post 1.6 miles
  • Broadway Bygones 1.6 miles
  • Hazel-n-Pearl's 1.6 miles
  • Owl Creek Graphics 1.6 miles
  • Flying Eagle Gallery 1.7 miles
  • S Squared Designs 1.7 miles
  • Nature's Corner 1.7 miles
  • Storyteller 1.7 miles